Different objects, animals, and individuals have different perceptions of time. My body of work, Chronos & Kariros, addresses the relationship between the medium of photography and related concepts of perceiving, marking, and representing time. These works represent the subject itself in a certain amount of time, in a specific place. They build a connection between subject, photographic techniques, and materials.

In his 1937 essay, “The Future of Music” John Cage suggested that the individual frame of film, a fraction of a second, can be seen as the basic unit of measuring time. Just as the duration of a single frame of film is a human invention, so is the very concept of time itself. It is an idea that we have invented based on our own perceptions and to unify and make sense of the world. It’s an inevitable and irreversible process, but time is invisible and always requires human agency to represent its existence. Time can be measured as water drops, the arc of the sun against the sky, or by a clock. I include these familiar representations in different artistic forms through my work and my working process.


Untitled Minutes 1#

Scanning clock on flat-bed scanner through different time result in different resolution; Archival Inkjet Print.


Clocked Grey Scale

11"x14"; Silver Gelatin Print; Exposed with analogue darkroom timer. 


The Length of One Minute

 Mix Media Video: The video of one minute and the tape which takes this video. 


The Matter Of One Hour


The Value of 44min 28sec

Etching; 44min 28sec acid dripping on cooper plate

audio Block
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The Idea of Do and Undo in Perceiving Time

Constant installation for specific sight; two tape recorders recording one onto the other through out the exhibition time, the tape gets played, washed and rerecord the environmental noise through out the time while the metronome beating aside. 


Music composed by 5 Hours

Audio mix media installation; Sun burnt track on paper in 5 Hours created music through music box

1001 2.jpg

3 F Stops

Silver gelatine prints, 42.5" x 83"; Dripping developer on silver gelatine paper while the enlarge exposing the paper, the value is created by exposure time regarding three F stops(under exposed/right exposure/overexposure). 


Capture the Capture

2min video loop; From the idea of time based self-contained imagery making process, this work is created by facing cellphone down on flat-bed scanner. The phone captures the video while the canner scanning the screen which is also displaying the scanning process. 


Reversing the Recognition of Time  

Video loop

After The Creation of Adam: Petting Myself as Different Level Being

video loop