From photography, I became interested in the idea of system. We are living by all different kinds of systems. It is a systemic world that we are living in. As Bruce Nauman illustrated: The working premise is to think in terms of systems, the interference with the exposure of existing systems. I am highly inspired the think of system and believe that artistic is a systematic brain practices. My artistic practice is to bridging systems with our perceptions and believes, and transforming daily facts and elements through the scope of photography into a visual experience. 

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“What I Found in 404 Not Found”; 2019

Capture the Capture

2min video loop;2017, Video;

This is a video work that challenges the image making process with the process itself. The hall of mirrors effect within the mutual recording between two photographic devices creates a conceptual feedback loop. A smartphone camera and flat-bed scanner simultaneously record each other. The energy exchanges from one system to another, back and forth.


Scanning Me Making a Laser Scanner with The Scanner I was Making.

30” x 24” Color C Print; 2016; Performance documented on 4x5 color negative.

The title of this work is a tautological statement. Those three images are not presenting of the content of work itself but as a documentation of the work has happened in the space. The entire work is made surround the key word “Making“. It is inspired by the invention of the system of photography. Through out the years, we developed different devices to capture the reality and make the photographic imagery. Scanner especially Laser scanner is the one inspired this work. I replicated a Laser scanner in a empty classroom and having three color laser beans(R,G,B) pointing at three different dimensions in the space to represent X, Y, Z. Then set up a large format camera for a long exposure to document this event. The trace of the Laser light is not able to be seen by camera without agency. I start stick the little mirror chips at where the light lands and bounce the light to the opposite. By doing this, the density of the light increases in all three dimensions and the scanner tend to be more ‘complete’. In this entire process, my body come across the laser light becomes the “agency” for the light, being seen by the camera. These photograph, as documentation of this “scanner building process" become ‘scientifically readable’. It break through the boundary of the nature of photography as a medium that mechanically compress real-time express into a two dimensional frames while still presented in a two-dimension form.

Dice Fallen 20 times

Dice Fallen 20 times

Dice Fallen 100 times

Dice Fallen 100 times

Dice Fallen 70 times

Dice Fallen 70 times

Dice Fallen

Unique Silver Gelatin Print; 11” x 14”; 2019.

Dropping glowing dice on a piece of silver gelatin paper multiple times to make the imagery.


Two Elemental Matters in Art

L: 13” x 13” R: 6” x 3”; Mix Media; Unique; 2019.

Two thermometer with humidity meters, one on the left is framed and sealed with food seal Wrap, the other one is exposed to the environment. The content of this work is not either meter, but the scientific temperature and humidity there at the moment. The invisible and intangible art facts (Temperature and Humidity) are transformed to a visible and scientific numbers in this work.

Water Transcendence

1h Video Loop 2019.

“Artists adopted systems to organize pr expedite these process, but the system they chose were often irrational, illogical, absurd, or destined to sabostage themselves”.

After The Creation of Adam

2018, Video;

This is a video work that takes advantage of the distortion of time in digital photo-echo. The video is captured with two recording devices. While a video camera records the hand expression, the computer monitor displays a live streaming the same hand/ expression, captured with its web-cam(The image appears horizontal-flipped).The delay between the two images is subtle and difficult to distinguish with naked eyes; but with the video playing, it is noticeable that the seemingly identical gestures are slightly staggered. This minimal time gap and the different perspectives between the two captures separates the same action and object into two different realities that exist in two spaces – one within the screen and the other one within the screen