Chronos & Kairos

Time is not absolute. It is a systematic idea that was invented according to human beings’ perceptions and understanding of the world. Like money, there never seems to be enough time. Money is a symbol to which we assign value but with no real inherent value in itself; if we don’t use it as a means of exchange, it is worth nothing more than the paper it is printed on. We invented the system of money, as we also produced a system of managing time. Humanity creates time and inserts content into it; uses it and makes the beliefs we live by. Time is invisible; thus, it requires a means of translation to represent its existence. We experience the past constantly; everything that is happening right now immediately becomes the past.1The passing of time is marked and measured by the traces it leaves – it can be measured by rhythmic water drops, the arc of the sun against the sky, or a standard mechanical clock. I use these familiar processes and materials in my artistic practice in different forms and scenarios in the thesis body of work Chronos and Kairos.


Scanned Untitled Minutes 1#

Scanning clock on flat-bed scanner through different time result in different resolution; Archival Inkjet Print.


Untitled Yet

Clocked Grey Scale

13"x13"; Silver Gelatin Print; Exposed with analogue darkroom timer. 

 Installation View

Installation View


Three and One Minute

 Video Mix Media installation: The video of one minute(Left); The pulled-out VHS tape which takes the video(Middle); The flip book which made from the pulled-out frames from the same video (right). 

  Installation View

Installation View


The Matter Of 30min

  Installation View

Installation View


Traveling Through

Etching; 44min 28sec acid dripping on cooper plate

audio Block
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  Installation View    

Installation View



The Idea of Do and Undo in Perceiving Time

Constant installation for specific sight; two tape recorders recording one onto the other through out the exhibition time, the tape gets played, washed and rerecord the environmental noise through out the time while the metronome beating aside. 


Music composed by 5 Hours

Audio mix media installation; Sun burnt track on paper in 5 Hours created music through music box


Capture the Capture

2min video loop; From the idea of time based self-contained imagery making process, this work is created by facing cellphone down on flat-bed scanner. The phone captures the video while the canner scanning the screen which is also displaying the scanning process. 


Reversing the Recognition of Time  

Video loop

After The Creation of Adam

video loop

10 copy.jpg

We Never Step into the Same River Twice

Video & Photograph